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    We’re going through TSA four times for you guys, and there’s a possibility of being attacked by a Labradoodle drug dog!! We’d risk it all to come see the Twin O cities. 



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    poor hannah

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    The expectations I got from watching Disney movies are nothing compared to the expectations I’ve gotten from watching k-dramas

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  7. tenninhouse:

    Negativity can really kill a person’s passion and well-being… especially when there’s a spotlight cast on you every single hour of the day. Please remember that there are so many supporting you. You don’t know each of us by name but we’ve slowly and quietly grown to appreciate you.

    This doesn’t just go for the Yogscast themselves but anyone and everyone who has contributed to the fandom- fanfics, gifs, fanart, animations, conspiracy theories, and general chatter alike. Thank you.

    Let’s keep it constructive and positive.


  8. going down the rabbit hole of yogscast fanart and headcanons when i shouuulllddd beeeee woooorkiiiingggg

  9. Sailor Moon S Laser Disk Covers

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    i memed im trash

    it’s all tru

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